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Here I am, practicing my gaze.
Actually, I'm usually smiling, laughing, or staring rather seriously at my Cintiq, or a piece of paper. My name is Kamora Jones (aka LaRoyce Jones).

I'm a professional Illustrator and Graphic Artist. 
I live with my AWESOME spouse in Las Vegas, Nevada. I’ve been working
Bally Technologies/Scientific Games/Light & Wonder for 15 years, creating

game art (Typographic art, interface, symbols, characters, environments, etc). 

In my home studio I create metaphysical, fantasy, sci-fi, and surreal art. I love to design worlds and environments of all kinds. I create art with a pencil, paper, ink, Photoshop, Illustrator, Zbrush, Blender, Clip Studio Paint, Plotagraph Pro, Omnigeometry, Adobe Premiere, and Adobe After Effects. Quite often I go right to a clean piece of paper or my Cintiq, and start creating.
I'm interested in the visual development of worlds, stories, and ideas.

If you are interested in the broad range of my illustration and concept development skills, please click on the
More Art tab below.
You can always see my most current Transmigration Series art on my Instagram or Facebook accounts 
You can view select pieces from my
Socratys, Surreal Meditations, and Transmigration series by clicking on the tabs below.
I hope my work inspires you to be creative. Have a great day!



Artwork, designs, and writings © Kamora Jones 2022

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