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Thanks for joining my 77,777 (third) giveaway.


You are an amazing soul, be inspired by your journey!

Your life can be perceived and experienced in so many ways. Each day you find yourself amid situations that can make or break your mental investment in the world. The daily puzzles that materialize before you allow you to analyze the nature of your character and uncover new (or dormant) creative abilities within. You may find yourself in the midst of a disagreement or a problematic situation. Still, the duration and outcome of the experience can evolve and expand your perceptions of the world around you. One should never assume to know the answer to a problem that may not be theirs to solve. It could be said that the world is a literal mess, but we have all (consciously and unconsciously) invested in this "mess" by continuing to participate and make the most of it (which is not a bad thing). Might it be better to focus on personal development and unlocking the answers to your challenges? If we could all persist in philosophies of personal responsibility and compassion, what kind of world could we create? Maybe the world is full of creative puzzles and codes, requiring each one of us to operate at
the height of our creative abilities.


What codes are you trying to decipher?
What kind of researcher are you? 
What kind of Transmigrator are you?

Decipher Copyright Kamora LaRoyce Jones 2022 - Transmigration Series

Mouse over or click the image for the download button.
This is not a transfer of image rights. 
The image is for personal use only. Screensavers, screen backgrounds,
personal prints and tattoos are all acceptable uses of the art.
You are NOT permitted to sell or profit off of the art.
You are NOT permitted to create NFTs of the art.

Artwork, designs, and writings © Kamora Jones 2022

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